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Chap 3 - Question 1(10 points Problem 3.3A Analyzing and...

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Question 1: (10 points)
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Problem 3.3A: Analyzing and Journalizing Transactions L.O. 3-8 Weida Surveying, Inc., provides land surveying services. During September, its transaction Sept. 1 Paid rent for the month of September, $4,400. Sept. 3 Billed Fine Line Homes $5,620 for surveying services. The entire amount is due o account entitled Surveying Revenue when billing clients.) Sept. 9 Provided surveying services to Sunset Ridge Developments for $2,830. The entir Sept. 14 Placed a newspaper advertisement in the Daily Item to be published in the Septe was $165. Payment is due in 30 days. Sept. 25 Received a check for $5,620 from Fine Line Homes for the amount billed on Sept Sept. 26 Provided surveying services to Thompson Excavating Company for $1,890. Weid 30 days. Sept. 29 Sent a check to the Daily Item in full payment of the liability incurred on Septembe Sept. 30 Declared and paid a $7,600 cash dividend to the company's stockholders. Instructions a. Analyze the effects that each of these transactions will
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