10[1].9+11.11+12.1+13.3+14.1 - Treasurer Checks received...

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Treasurer Checks received daily Sroni Lhe accounts payable department are sorted into two groups: those over and those under S1O.OOO. Checks for less than S10.000 are machine signed. The cashier maintains the check signature machine's key and signature plate and rrioriitors its use. Both the cashier and the treasurer sign all checks over $10,000. Required a. Describe the weaknesses relating to purchases and payments of "cpecial orders" by the Diamond Manufacturing Company. b. Recommend control procedures that muqt he added to overcome weahmesses identified in part a. c. Describe how the control procedures you recommended in part h should be modified if Diamond reengineered its expenditure cycle activities to make maximum use of current TT (e.g., EDI, EFT. bar-code scanning. and electronic forms in place of paper documents). (CP4 emn7inntior7, odnpred) 1 1.1 1 Lecimore Company has a ccntralizcd purchasing dcpartmcnt ~rlanagedby Tawanda Mason. Tawanda has cstablishcd policies and procedures to guide the cleri- cal staff and purchasing agcnts in daily departrrle~itoperations. She is aatislled that
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10[1].9+11.11+12.1+13.3+14.1 - Treasurer Checks received...

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