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[1] 1. (Model/Prototype --- 20 pts) An experiment is being designed to measure aerodynamic forces on a building. The model is a 1/60 scale replica of the prototype. The significant variables are found to be drag force F D , wind velocity V , density ρ , viscosity µ , and building height L . a) Find the dimensionless variables for this experiment. b) The wind velocity on the prototype is 30 ft/sec, and the density is 0.0024 slugs/ft
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Unformatted text preview: 3 . The maximum velocity in the wind tunnel is 360 ft/ sec. The viscosity of the air flowing for the model and the prototype is the same. Find the density needed in the wind tunnel for dynamic similarity. c) A force of 50 lbf is measured on the model. What will be the force on the prototype?...
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