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5 4. Popcorn machine Consider the popcorn machine sketched right. The corn kernels placed on the support grid are heated by the hot air flow ( 3 kg/m 946 . 0 = ρ and 2 5 N.s/m 10 17 . 2 = µ ) provided by the fan below and, eventually, pop. The popcorn is then entrained by the air flow into the receptacle. Assume that the unpopped kernels are
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Unformatted text preview: spherical with a mass of 0.1 g and a diameter of 5 mm, while the popcorn has a diameter of 15 mm (still spherical, mass unchanged). Determine the range of air velocities for which the machine operates properly. Air inlet Support grid Heating element Fan Corn (unpopped) Popped Corn...
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