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Unformatted text preview: 4. (Hydrostatics --- 25 1313) Consider the rectangular gate AB immersed in the fluids water and oil, as shown in the diagram below. The specific weight of the water is 9,, ; the specific weight ofoi! is )0. The temperature of the system is T(abe). Let gbe the acceleration due to gravity. The air is at a gage pressure of Pa . The angle the gate makes with the vertieal is 6 . Height of the gate is h; the width of the geteisb. . “:3 Nt: 1 =— M ” 12 Ali answers must be in terms aftke parameters of the problem. a) Find the force F, that the water exerts on the gate. ANS. :FW : Brut/v A2-[qoa.+‘°/O~Lq+ XNLW+YN 1.3.6948] A' ._._.—- RT 4.... I; mm abs-ow WW“ {6: = 913 :. a ma amm ‘Ha'f' (9‘ r5 Problem 4 continues on the next page... [4] c) F ind the force F, that the oil flats on the gate. ANS. d) Find the distance Earn the force F,to the hinge A. ANS. I5] ...
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eng_103_midterm_exam_sample_pb_4_key - 4(Hydrostatics 25...

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