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2. (Elbow --- 25 pts) Water is moving steadily through a double entrance, single exit elbow, as shown in the diagram below. Neglect the weight of the elbow. Parameters of the problem: Pipe diameters: D 1 ,D 2 ,D 3 Pipe pressures: P 1 , P 2 ,P 3 Fluid velocities: V 1 , V 2 Angle of pipe 3 w/r to horizontal: Volume of elbow = el Weight of the elbow: W el M i s c e l l a n e o u s : Density of water = ρ w Acceleration of gravity = g a) Draw, using dashed lines, the control volume (CV) you would used to find the vertical and horizontal forces necessary to
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Unformatted text preview: hold the elbow in place. In terms of the parameters of the problem, find the following: b) What is the velocity V 3 ? ANS: V 3 = c) Find the vertical force F z required to keep the elbow in place. ANS: F z = d) Find the horizontal force F x required to keep the elbow in place. Ans: F x = elbow pipe pipe p i e Elbow clamp Elbow clamp Elbow clamp 1 2 3 P 1 D 1 P 3 D P 2 D 2 V 2 V 1 V 3 F z F x z x...
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