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eng_103_midterm_exam_sample_pb_6_key - 4(Siphon — 25 pts...

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Unformatted text preview: 4. (Siphon —- 25 pts) A plastic tube of d=50 mm diameter is used to siphon water from a large tank, as shown in the figure below If the outside pressure of the tube is Ap=25 kPa greater than the pressure within the mbe, the tube will collapse and the siphon will stop. Assume viscous efiects are negligible. Atmospheric pressure Pm = 101 .35kPa. a) What is the pressure at point A, which is not under the influence of the siphon? “Fr-hm fa, We 1'3 :4“ Paths/1+ Pfize= P4- lg; @3195 ANS: PA = 1)) Where in the tube is the pressure the least and what is this minimum pressure so that the siphon will not stop working due to the collaslning of the lube ‘? (Note: the elevation of point C, if , (lees not change.) 714 rm‘mmM/me .256th Is ai'C ANS. Point at least pressure ; Pressure at this point = PROBLEM #4 CONTINUES OH THE NEXT PAGE c) Determine the minimum value of h allowed Without the siphon Stopping. 5% Wm fath Gib 133+ V +zc =‘fQ+%V-r 21> In: ELLE; ‘09 ‘03 T ‘08 I1 1 M69! _____I W. Peg >-AP —-* M, h QE- 2 —25.IJO ANS.h= W > 103+ ‘3 = Qv-oX‘I-si) d) For this value of 11, what is the vohme flow rate Q within the siphon? ANS.Q= WWW W753“ Jacin 0) +071). 1. I a + ‘2 Rutvo WM \/ AN. V -.-. HflV:J2(4-W)(4-g4q \/=: 5.23M/S cog/A s (2.23) 7%” ._—‘7___ ...
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eng_103_midterm_exam_sample_pb_6_key - 4(Siphon — 25 pts...

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