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[ 1/2 ] FLUIDS MECHANICS (ENG 103) Midterm Exam: Specific Learning Objectives What is a fluid; Dimensions & Units Define what is a fluid Give practical examples of phenomena or technology where fluid mechanics is important State the three basic systems of dimensions Determine if a given equation is homogeneous or dimensionally inconsistent Define basic thermodynamic properties Write and use the ideal gas law Compressibility: calculate the speed of sound in fluids Vapor pressure: determine if boiling or cavitation will occur in a liquid Stress field; Viscosity Explain the difference between body forces and surface forces Define shear stress and normal stress State Newton’s law of viscosity Calculate shear stress/force corresponding to a given 1D velocity field Fluid statics; Pressure variation; Manometers Derive the basic equation of fluid statics and explain the physical significance of each term Write the basic pressure/height relation for a static fluid
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eng_103_midterm_exam_objectives - FLUIDS MECHANICS (ENG...

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