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Last Name: ___________________ First Name: ________________ Student ID: _________________ EME5 Introduction to Computer Programming for Engineering Applications , Fall 2005 Homework 1 Due Friday, October 9, 2005 (12 points) 1. (1 point) Hand in the hardcopy of this homework assignment as the cover page of your homework. 2. Download and install the latest C/C++ interpreter Ch Professional Edition from http://www.softintegration.com. 3. Download the latest ChSciTE Ch IDE from http://chscite.sourceforge.net to run C/C++ programs. 4. Download GIMP from http://www.gimp.org/windows/ for Windows and http://www.gimp.org/macintosh/ for Mac OS X. It can be used to acquire an image from the screen using the following procedure. Click menu File , click menu Acquire , click menu Screen Shot , click Grab . Then, move the cursor to a window to be aquired. 5. Create a directory (folder) called eme5 in your home directory. Use text editor such as Notepad, vi, or ChSciTE to create a C program called myhello.c
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