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hw8problem4 - Ffle Edk Semth mew Tees OpHens Language...

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Unformatted text preview: Ffle Edk Semth mew Tees OpHens Language Eufiers limp sablslnnexmwlqs fiflames Haile SID:991326199*I fiflumewurk 3 Question 4*! #inelude {stdin.h} -#if H } y #flefine HIHIHUHEIH; y} {3} #else H i y #flefine HIHIHUHEIH; y} {H} #endif —int main{} { double H; y; m; printf{"Enter the first number: In”): leanf{“%1f”I Ex}: printf{"Enter second number: in”): leanf{“%1f”r E3}: = HIHIHUH2{:-:r y}: printf{"The smallest of the two numbers is: %1f in", nu; return 0; }eh —u hwfipreblem4.e Enter the first number: 4 Enter seeend number: T The smallest ef the twe numbers is: 4.000000 }Exit cede: 0 “=13 te=2_INE {tR+LE ...
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