Plant List 5

Plant List 5 - -Carolina Rhododendron-Smallest leaves of...

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Landscape Plants Plant List 5 1) Betula Nigra- River Birch - Stripping bark (reddish/pinkish), multi-trunk 2) Buxus Sempervirens (review) - Common Box - opposite leaf arrangement, leaf minor damage will cause swollen leaves 3) Cercis Canadensis - Eastern Redbud - Purple Pea like flower buds of stem 4) Ilex x mesarveae - Blue Holly- Slightly blue foliage, purple stems, little red berries, pointy leaves 5) Kalmia Latifolia - Mountain laurel- partial shade is good, late afternoon sun is bad, cup shape leaf arrangement, have brown seed pods, cluster of buds 6) Mahonia Bealei - Leatherleaf Mahonia- Compound Leaves, pointy leaves, bud is at stem, scorches in late afternoon sun, yellow flower (now they are clusters) 7) Malus Hupehensis - Tea Crab- little wrinkly fruits off of fiery red stems 8) Pieris Japonica - Pieris (Andromeda) - Native to Japan, clusters of flower buds (green are the upcoming years, brown are the previous years), shiny gloss 9) Rhododendron Carolinianum
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Unformatted text preview: -Carolina Rhododendron-Smallest leaves of Rhododendrons on list, touch of brown underneath leaves, clusters of buds 10) Rhododendron Catawbiense-Catawbiense Rhododendron- long shiny leaves, underside of leaves is whitish, no bracks, much more glossier than Rhododendron Maximum 11) Rhododendron Maximum-Rosebay Rhododendron-Bigger leaves than Mountain Laurel, big buds, long narrow leaves, bud brackets, brown underside 12) Rhododendron Mucronatum-Snow Azalea-Will have white flowers, wrinkly leaves, native to Carolinas 13) Viburnum Rhytidophyllum-Leatherleaf Vibernum- wrinkly leaves when cold, thick textured leaves, not good late afternoon sun, looses a little bit of those wrinkly folded leaves in winter. Note: Cornus Stolonifera-Red Stem Dogwood- no leaves on them in winter, purplish stem, shrub, on new growth they are red, good for stabilizing embankments...
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Plant List 5 - -Carolina Rhododendron-Smallest leaves of...

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