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midterm study guide

midterm study guide - Diseases or Problems Yellow Leaf...

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Landscape Plants Midterm Exam Study Guide Definitions Conifers Evergreen- Deciduous - Dioecious - Semi-Evergreen - Hardiness Zones - Plant Uses Screening Along Driveway Tall evergreen, SW exposure Low-Growing evergreen plant, SW exposure Grouping in a wet site near a house Specimen Plant in well-drained soil and full sun
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Unformatted text preview: Diseases or Problems Yellow Leaf- Dutch Elm Disease-Lace Bug Infestos- Pinesolarvae- Dotter- Tent Caterpillar- Bag Worms- Leaf Mighter-. Inch Worm- Herbicide Damage- Fire Blight- Apple Scab- Cedar Apple Rust- Scales-...
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