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Diego Hernando ENGL 104 Friday, February 29, 2008 Child soldiers: Exploited children in The Sierra Leone Civil War The Sierra Leone Civil War started in 1991 when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) commanded by Foday Sankoh attacked from Liberia. One of the main causes of the civil war was the control over Sierra Leone’s diamond industry. A huge number of people died and over 2 million people, more than one third of the population, were displaced because of the nine year Sierra Leone Civil War. Some people argue that children themselves joined the RUF in their search for protection and power, but all these poor children found was abusive adults who exploited them. From the beginning of this conflict the RUF began to recruit children by force through inhuman methods because children are easy to manipulate. These methods created soulless killing machines, and because of these inhuman acts the Special Court for Sierra Leone was created to put to justice those who did such atrocities. Child soldiers
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Unformatted text preview: may have given some advantages to the RUF during the Sierra Leone Civil War but these advantages were not worth the price of having children exploited through inhuman acts like killing, doing drugs, and girl soldiers being forced to marry their leaders. When the RUF attacked a village they would brutalize it, killing most of the civilian population and abducting hundreds of children. Innocent men and women were killed in their homes and on the street, burned alive, thrown from buildings, and even used as shields. Some civilians had their arms or legs cut off with machetes or their hands crushed with hammers. The children were snatched from their parents and forced to become soldiers, and “to ensure their loyalty, the RUF would then force their new recruits to take drugs and commit an atrocity against their own family or community” (Ashby s11)....
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