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Hernando, Diego Thursday, February 28, 2008 Team 15, Section Number: 501 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Most of the other branches of engineering like aerospace, civil, industrial, etc. developed from mechanical engineering, the basics of engineering. Mechanical engineering teaches you the “fundamental way of thinking.” By studying mechanical engineering you can go work in almost anything that has to do with engineering because you will be a fuller person than if you study industrial or civil engineering. Mechanical Engineering can be divided in four categories: Systems, Dynamics, and Controls Materials on Manufacturing Thermo Fluid Science Mechanics and Design One of the things I did not really like about the presentation was that the presenter put a lot of emphasis
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Unformatted text preview: on the money you could make by becoming a mechanical engineer. He was telling us to study mechanical engineering because of the money instead of because of the pleasure of building, inventing, or discovering something for the good of humanity. Maybe if he mentioned once that would have been fine but he kept mentioning all throughout the presentation the bucks you can make by graduating with a bachelors on mechanical engineering and then he kept going on to masters and doctorate and how the money would almost double. He also emphasized the importance of having good grades (above a 2.85 GPR), and the fun of doing the senior design projects....
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