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Guitar Heroes Assignment 1: DUE 09-18-07 IN CLASS This writing assignment will involve the careful listening of two Renaissance Fantasies. I would like for you to compare and contrast these two works and give me a detailed description of the pieces to the best of your abilities. Here are some things you may want to consider talking about in your paper: 1. What is a Fantasy? 2. How many kinds of fantasies are there? 3. How do these fantasies differ? 4. How are they similar? 5. Were these written for Lute or Vihuela? What effect does this have on the music? 6. Do you like them? Would you recommend this music to others? Why or why not? 7. What do you think of the performance? Please note that you do not need to include all of these topics in your paper. These are merely suggestions in order to make your paper more interesting and to provide an
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Unformatted text preview: opportunity for you to use what you have learned in class in order to talk more intelligently about the piece(s). However, all papers must compare and contrast the pieces in order to receive full credit. Maximum of two pages. Typed and double-spaced. This assignment is due 09/18 during class . If you are not planning on being here on the date is due, then turn it in early. LATE PAPERS OR E-MAILED PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED The pieces you will talk about are: John Dowland Fantasia Track 6 From David Russell’s Renaissance Favorites for Guitar Francesco da Milano Fantasia XIII Track 20 from the same CD. The reserve list is on mediamatrix.tamu.edu You can also go to the Library Annex (next to the pavilion) and check out the CD’s if you’d like....
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