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Lab 1 Exp 1 - every point. On Arrangement 3 the camera was...

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Visual Physics218-lab - Technical Memo To: Tristian Leggett (Physics TA) From: Diego Hernando (Student) Date: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 Subject: Lab 1: One dimensional displacement The purpose of this experiment is to show that our perception changes when we look at things from different angles. Our results show that the best angle is directly above the track and looking at the center of the track, because this angle minimizes distortion and makes our results more reliable. Experimental results and analysis Data points where taken from the track every 10 cm from different angles with a camera. On Arrangement 1 the camera was placed directly above the center of the track and pointing at the center of the track. The graph of arrangement 1 shows the points taken almost equidistant from each other. On Arrangement 2 the camera was placed above one end of the track and pointing at the center of the track. This second graph shows a little curve, meaning that the distance of the points is increasing after
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Unformatted text preview: every point. On Arrangement 3 the camera was placed at a bigger angle, making the curve of the points more noticeable on the graph of arrangement 3 and in the opposite direction than arrangement 2. In this graph after every point the distance seems to be decreasing. Comparing all three arrangements of the camera we can say that the best placement of the camera in order to evaluate one dimensional displacement is directly above the center of the track (arrangement 1) because the points were equidistant. Whereas on arrangements 2 and 3 the points do not seem to be equidistant from each other, when they are actually 10 cm apart on the track. Conclusion Experiment 1 demonstrated that by looking at things, in this case the track with the marks 10 cm apart, from different angles you can get different data because of the distortion. So the best angle we determined is directly above and pointing at the center like in arrangement 1, that way our results are more precise....
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