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Lab 3 Exp 2 - 6.125 m/s 2(see calculations on attached...

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Visual Physics218-lab - Technical Memo To: Tristian Leggett (Physics TA) From: Diego Hernando (Student) Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Subject: Lab 3 exp 2: The different accelerations caused by different masses The purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate how the bigger the mass, the grater the acceleration of the cart. Our results show this and even when the track is at an angle and not horizontal. Experimental results and analysis The cart we used on this experiment has a mass of 300 grams, or 0.3 kg, and because of the air coming out of the track we assume it is frictionless. First, we tested the acceleration with the horizontal track and a mass of 200 grams (look at graph 200 g. x vs t ) and the acceleration of the cart was 3.92 m/s 2 (calculations attached at the end). Then we changed the mass to 500 grams (see graph 500 g. x vs t ), and for this case the acceleration was
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Unformatted text preview: 6.125 m/s 2 (see calculations on attached sheet located on the back). For the second part of the experiment, we changed the angle of the track from 0 ° to 3 ° . We did the same process as before with the same two different masses. For the 200 grams mass (see graph 3 ° 200 g. x vs t ) the acceleration of the 300 grams cart was 3.61 m/s 2 and for the 500 grams mass (see graph 3 ° 500 g. x vs t ) we got the acceleration to be 5.93 m/s 2 (look at the calculations on the second attached sheet at the end). Conclusion This experiment demonstrated us that if the mass of the weight is larger the acceleration of the cart is going to be greater (in both cases: horizontal and not horizontal). Also we demonstrated that the greater the angle (between 0 ° and 90 ° ) the smaller the acceleration of the cart....
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