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Lab 5 - Experiment 1 Procedure Report In a single video...

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Experiment 1 Procedure: In a single video, track the motion of five points (five different radii) for at least half a revolution. The easiest way would be to go through the video taking data five times. Set your origin at the center of rotation. Note the radius of the five different points. Report: Using the formula on the first page of the lab manual, θ = tan -1 (y/x) convert your position data into angular data in excel. Plot the angle versus time, fit a linear trendline, and the slope will be the angular velocity, ϖ . For each of the five points, calculate the linear velocity, v = ϖ r, and the centripetal acceleration. A table would be a good way of presenting these results. Experiment 2 Procedure: In this experiment, you’re going to have the cart moving with a constant velocity, which means the disc that it is attached to will be rotating with a constant angular velocity. You’ll need to track the motion of a point on the edge of the disc and the cart. Set your
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