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GEO 102 Chapter Test

GEO 102 Chapter Test - Chapter 12 Wind Processes and Desert...

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Chapter 12: Wind Processes and Desert Landscapes MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The skipping and bouncing action of saltation accounts for A) about 80% of wind transported particles B) the transport of very small grains, smaller than 0.01 mm in diameter C) little or no surface creep D) hydraulic lifting by air movements Answer: A 2) Which side of a dune typically has a slope angle equal to that of the angle of repose for sand? A) stoss B) top C) leeward D) windward Answer: C 3) If several alluvial fans merge together, a ________ is formed. A) playa B) yardang C) bajada D) pediment Answer: C 4) A characteristic cone-shaped depositional feature in the desert that usually forms at the mouth of a canyon is known as a/n A) bajada B) alluvial fan C) bolson D) playa Answer: B 5) Which of the following can result from ORV (off road vehicle) use in a desert environment? 6) Cross-stratification can be used by geologists to A) find ventifacts B) locate water C) determine paleo-wind directions D) locate fault planes Answer: C
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7) The ability of the wind to move materials 8) Which of the following surface conditions would limit the effectiveness of wind as an erosional agent? 9) Which of the following is true? A) Bolsons are located in playas. B) Playas are located in bolsons. C) Bolsons and playas are geographically separate landforms that bear no topographic relationship to one another. Answer: B 10) A dune that is the mountainous giant of the sandy deserts is called a A) parabolic dune B) longitudinal dune C) star dune D) transverse dune Answer: C
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