COST OF RAISING A CHILD - HDFS 201 Extra Credit What Does...

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HDFS 201 Extra Credit: What Does it Cost to Raise a Child for 18 Years? Here is a link to a website that you will be using. If you have trouble connecting to it, just do a search on the web using the phrase “The cost of raising children.” The title of the web document is also “The cost of raising children,” so it should be the first item listed. The document is posted on the University of Minnesota’s Extension office website. In doing this assignment, you will be figuring out the separate cost of raising a child – theoretically the extra money one adult who is a parent would spend on raising their one child whereas another adult, who is not a parent, would have that same amount of money to save for retirement or spend on themselves or on others. The site is a series of tables representing seven categories of expenses (housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, child care, and misc.). Each table is broken down by one-parent or two-parent families and then further by income categories of lower, middle and upper. Here is what you are going to do. I want you to calculate and then compare the cost of raising one child in two different family types from birth to age 18. You can select either parental category for the two children, just be sure to do two different income brackets. For example, you could do one child living with two parents who are in the lower income
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COST OF RAISING A CHILD - HDFS 201 Extra Credit What Does...

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