Study Guide final HDFS 240

Study Guide final HDFS 240 - Autoerotic Asphyxia Chapter 15...

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HDFS 240: Human Sexuality, Study Guide for Final Exam, Spring, 2008 Text Reading Chapter 3 Biology, Psychology, and Human Sexual Responding Orgasm In Touch with Your Sexual Health: The Health Benefits of Orgasm Resolution Chapter 5 Introduction to Chapter Choosing a Method of Contraception (Know a number) How Oral Contraceptives Work Side Effects of Injection Methods Future Methods for Men: Vas Injection Techniques Chapter 6 Masturbation will be the Death of you Table 6.6: The Benefits of Masturbation Frequency and Duration of Coitus (Know a number) Anal Stimulation (Know a number) Chapter 12 How Children Learn About Sex Birth Control and Pregnancy in Adolescence Sexual Activity on College Campuses (Also look at Table 12.5 -Sexual Intercourse) Aging and Dating Chapter 13 Who Are the Abusers? Adult Intimate Relationship Problems Defining Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment at Colleges and Universities Chapter 14 Gender and Paraphilias Sexuality and Culture: Overcoming the Catholic Priest Pedophilia Scandals
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Unformatted text preview: Autoerotic Asphyxia Chapter 15 The Backgrounds of Prostitutes The Violence-Not-Sex Hypothesis Technological Solutions to Child Pornography Cyperporn (Know a number) Class Lectures Contraception and Birth Control Comstock Laws Supreme Court Decisions Male Condom Hormone Treatments (versus non-hormone treatments) Sexual Behavior Patterns and Atypical Sexual Behavior Effects of Education Transvestitism vs. Cross-dressing Lifespan Sexuality Sexual Response In Infancy Research on elder sexuality Frequency of sex declines in later life Sex differences in partner availability Sexual Arousal and Response Hormones Pheromones Erogenous Zones (primary) Commercialization of Sex Definition of Pornography Definition of Erotica Meese Commission Conclusions Female Prostitutes Sexual Assault and Rape False assumptions Percentage of college women raped Percentage of women raped by an acquaintance Contributions of acquaintance rape...
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Study Guide final HDFS 240 - Autoerotic Asphyxia Chapter 15...

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