Poem for 2 voices

Poem for 2 voices - I read 3 I don’t understand … 5 I...

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I am a good reader… 1. I love to read new material! 2. I use many different reading strategies as I read. 3. I try to understand 5. I slow down my reading speed when the text gets difficult. 6. I really like trying to figure out what is going to happen next. 7. When reading I try to find a… 9. I relate the text that I am currently reading to texts that I have read in the past. 11. Because my vocabulary is pretty big, it is easy for me to understand texts. 12. Throughout the text I try to make connections between different ideas. 13. After I am finished reading I look over what I have read Both Speak 4. Why I have to read this text? 8. Deeper meaning to any text that I read. 10. I try to relate to my own personal experiences to the text. I am not so good… 1. Me not so much. 2. I don’t really know what I’m doing when
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Unformatted text preview: I read. 3. I don’t understand … 5. I like to power read throughout the whole book to get it done. 6. I’m so confused that I do not even know what is going on now. 7. Words say what they mean so there is no… 9. I usually don’t remember what I’ve read in the past, but still… 11. Whenever I read something I have to look up a lot of the words just to understand the text. 12. I have no clue how this new idea relates to any of the others in the book. 13. As soon as I am done reading I close the book and and try to summarize it. 14. I ask myself do I understand everything that I have just read. 15. We represent the good and bad types of readers. turn on the television. 14. I thank god that I am done with the reading and don’t have to worry about it anymore....
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Poem for 2 voices - I read 3 I don’t understand … 5 I...

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