IT Case Study 1 - H ADM Class 275 (course hero purposes)...

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H ADM Class 275 (course hero purposes) To: Professor Clark From: Date: 16:26:47 Subject: Case Study: Troubleshooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel OVERVIEW The Royal Hotel looked to eliminate all maintenance problems with their newly implemented IT system called Espresso!, which was a rapid maintenance response system used by the housekeepers directly. However, the heavily invested solution failed to remain in use by the hotel’s employees shortly after the system’s implementation. BUSINESS CHALLENGE/STRATEGY The challenge for Royal Hotel is that implementing the new technology system as complex as Espresso! required much more than an initial training and installation of the new technology to be successful. It was discovered that the employees found the old manual system to work much better for their needs as oppose to the new system. Furthermore, the business strategy for this case would be to respond more rapidly to, and even prevent earlier on, maintenance issues that concern guests. Technology The technology itself was far able to handle all tasks to maximize guest satisfaction. However, Espresso! consisted of a technology that employees were completely new to and a simple number of training sessions did not suffice. The system was too complex for the employees to quickly learn and it had not even had adequate time to be tested to improve task efficiently. Management had not encouraged or provided sufficient, if any, incentives to use the technology. In addition, the IT infrastructure was in place but the employees were more willing and able to
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revert back to using their old manual system. The IT failed to work with the company culture of values and beliefs. People
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IT Case Study 1 - H ADM Class 275 (course hero purposes)...

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