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Hwk4GdDrtF09 - H ADM 2201 Homework IV Fall Semester 2009...

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H ADM 2201: Homework IV Fall Semester 2009 Due Friday, Oct 9, by 2:00:00 pm Solutions to instructor generated questions must be handed in via hard copy to Linda Stoker in 335 Statler Hall. Name (Print CLEARLY):_____________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________________________ This cover page must be stapled to the homework you turn in. It is the front page of your homework. Make sure to fill out the information requested above. GRADING SHEET SOURCE MAXIMUM SCORE SCORE EARNED Aplia 35 Instructor 15 Total 50
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Note: Aplia has 18 questions for this homework; be sure they are completed by 2:00 pm on Friday, October 9, when these questions are due. There is some different terminology on the Aplia homework. Note that in statistics, there is often different terminology for the same topic; this is a result of the science of statistics having been developed in many different applied fields, rather than as a centralized academic discipline. The book refers to right-tailed distributions as positively skewed (tail off in the positive direction) and left-tailed distributions as negatively skewed (tail off in the negative direction).
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