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HA 2275 – Introduction to Information Systems Instructor: Preston Clark School of Hotel Administration SYSTEM EXPLORATION PAPER (10%) Due: – OCTOBER 6 th @ 11:00am In this paper you are to explore an information system (formal or informal) that you experienced within the past 6 months. This can be a system that you worked with during an internship or job. It can be an information system that you use on a regular basis. Once you have identified the system that you are going to write about, you should apply what you have learned thus far about such systems. Your paper should include: A description of the system. This should include some research into where the system comes from and why it exists at this company. An overview of the organization and the environment for the IS that you have used. A description of the strategic business objective this information system is addressing.
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Unformatted text preview: • A description of how you personally used the IS. What level of access did/do you have? What tasks did you accomplish using the system? • The steps addressed in this course to describe the information system using the Socio-Technical Model (STM). You have the choice to identify the goal as one that currently exists, or one that you see as a need. Be sure to describe all parts of the STM. • Closure to your paper that draws certain conclusions about the system you have observed. This paper should be double-spaced and should range between 3-5 pages in length using a 12 point standard business style font (e.g. Times, Calibri, Palatino, New Century, etc.). Submission: Electronic copies of the paper are to be submitted via the posted assignment. A paper copy should be turned in during your section of class. Non-excused late papers will lose 50% of the grade....
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