memo project 3 - Date: February 22, 2008 To: Angus...

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Unformatted text preview: Date: February 22, 2008 To: Angus MacKenzie From: Joshua Segal, Creative Restaurant Concepts Re: Restaurant Proposal Executive Summary We propose for you a restaurant Restaurant Green -- that changes the world for the better, that leaves a zero-carbon footprint while at the same time delivers creative gourmet cuisine and a dining experience that elevates diners to an entirely new level. The restaurant will be creative and cutting edge in all aspects of the business, but will at the same time be down- to-earth in its environmental focus. Every aspect of the restaurant including construction, materials, food (menu and sources), dcor, music and ambience, and marketing/advertising will be environmentally friendly, technologically advanced and novel in its presentation. The expectation is that through innovative and imaginative efforts, and leveraging your own technology background, we can meet your objective of creating a unique restaurant with significant potential for public acclaim. Our ideas for your restaurant are detailed below. Overview of Concept We believe that Restaurant Green would provide a unique dining experience as a destination restaurant that embodies in every aspect a lesson of how to help the environment, and at the same time delivers an innovative and extraordinary dining experience. The quality of menu and food would be equal to other top restaurants, with the difference that the entire restaurant ecosystem would support a Green planet and would strive to leave a zero-carbon footprint using innovative, technologically advanced methods and novel concepts. We envision that the restaurant will be creatively located and designed hand-in-hand with the Green concept to make a significant statement and make diners want to return to the restaurant and seek out Green in other locations. The concept of the restaurant will be to support a green planet in everything there is about the restaurant, ranging from menu, to building design, to exterior and interior materials, to music, to marketing and other aspects. The best of environmental concepts and cutting-edge research would be used to creatively and imaginatively design each restaurant. Every aspect of the restaurant should have a story behind it, how it fits the restaurants concept or is novel in how it helps the environment. This would be the case for every aspect of the restaurant experience the taxi stands (hybrid/electric only), the table flowers (a special plant or grass), the greenhouse, the solar panels, and so on. The following are additional details for various aspects of the proposed restaurant. Proposal Details Construction, Design and Locations Green would be based on environmentally friendly designs, for best energy efficiency (e.g., built into a hillside if appropriate) and using solar panels, windmills and/or other renewable energy sources for energy. The restaurant would also be constructed by builders using methods that were energy efficient and using environmentally friendly methods. using methods that were energy efficient and using environmentally friendly methods....
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memo project 3 - Date: February 22, 2008 To: Angus...

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