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EDPSY 14 -- Study Guide for Test 2 Unit 3: Management Time on task Procedures Consequences Nonverbal cues Assertive discipline Seating for effective management Rewards Kounin’s (5) Constructs of Management Withitness Overlapping Smooth transitions Momentum Group focus Timing and target Principle of least intervention Unit 4: Instruction Teacher knowledge of teaching Instructional objectives - 3 parts of a good objective Taxonomy of cognitive objectives Rationale behind the taxonomy Teaching concepts Task analysis Coleman Report its view of and impact on teaching
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Unformatted text preview: Teacher effectiveness Teaching functions Review Presentation (elements of effective presentation) Behaviors related to: clarity, organization, & enthusiasm Guided practice (purposes & how to do it) Corrective feedback (4 types) How to decide when to re-teach Independent practice (purposes, problems, how to do it well) Teaching functions with higher content Cooperative learning- advantages- necessary elements Effective discussions...
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