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Section C: MWF 10:50-12:00 Prof. Mathew Gendle Phone: x6431 Office: Long 208C E-mail: Office Hours: M: 3 - 4:45 W: 3 - 4 Course info available on: TTR: 1 -2 Additional hours available by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide an introduction to psychology as a scientific field of study. In addition to providing a broad overview of the history and achievements of the field, this course will emphasize the primary theoretical constructs of psychology, as well as the development of critical thinking skills in each student. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1) Provide an introduction to the main theoretical perspectives and research methods of the field of psychology. 2) Promote the idea that psychology is a SCIENCE that can be used to understand and solve relevant problems in the real world. 3) Development of critical thinking skills that can be applied in all aspects of life, not just psychology. 4) Have fun! This may sound silly, but psychology is a fascinating and exciting subject. I hope to create a classroom atmosphere that is professional, but at the same time, relaxed and enjoyable. READING: Essentials of Psychology, 4 th Edition Supplementary readings available on BlackBoard ATTENDANCE: There is no formal attendance policy, however, attendance at all classes is expected. Together, we have entered a mutual relationship wherein I hope to develop your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the field, and you will stimulate my thinking (as well as that of your fellow students!) with unique questions and insight. Obviously, this relationship will fall apart unless everyone comes to class prepared and ready to participate. Also, please be aware that the textbook readings are designed to supplement, rather than take the place of, the lectures and class activities. As such, I will be covering things in class that are not addressed in the textbook, and repeated absence from class is likely to substantially affect your grade. You should come to class because you want to, not because you feel obligated. I will do my best to make each class as interesting and engaging as possible, and active participation by each student in the class will be encouraged. Remember, this stuff is interesting!!! ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: You will be required to abide by the Elon Honor Code for all work done in this class. Any violation of this code or the principles of intellectual honesty (including plagiarism) will be reported. Please familiarize yourself with the issues of intellectual honesty, as a claim of ignorance regarding these rules will not be accepted under any circumstances (see 1
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PSY_111_syllabus_F07 - PSY 111: General Psychology: Fall...

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