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Menu Project Part 1 - American tradition Course Selection...

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HA 2236 Menu Development Project Part 1 Grading Sheet Fall 2009 Due Date: September 11, 2009 Lab Section: Wednesday PM Names (5) 1. 2. Craig Mason 3. Tony Quintal 4. Josh Segal 5. Jeff Stulmaker Theme – Americana: “Backyard” Barbecue Courses: 1) Appetizer : Hand-cut, deep fried chips with pepperoni & French onion dip Fresh Fruits in Minted Ginger Syrup 2) Main Entrée : Barbecue Chicken Grilled Vegetables Coleslaw Cornbread with Honey Butter 3) Dessert: Lemon Butter Shortcake with Summer Berries & Fresh Whip Cream Introduction Our group wanted to create and prepare a selection of food that finds its roots in America. We considered many options, but ultimately settled on classic barbecue. Whether you’re in the heart of Kansas City at Arthur Bryants or on the streets of New York at Blue Smoke you’ll find people proudly proclaiming that they alone know barbecue. Although we can’t claim “the best barbecue”, we seek to create our own unique take on an
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Unformatted text preview: American tradition. Course Selection Our menu is designed to feature each unique taste, while still maintaining a visually appealing array. Our main entrée is an excellent example of just this. First, we sought to create a pleasing and cohesive plate. The food combination we chose presents a multitude of colors and a dish with a vast assortment of textures and tastes. The addition of coleslaw provides a cooling and somewhat sweet dish and is classic American fare. Furthermore, the addition of moist cornbread with honey butter serves to further balance a hardy meal. Conclusion Our hope is to evoke the feeling of the classic backyard barbecue: an American tradition. We are confident that our selection will not encounter any setbacks. With four team members working cohesively, we see no problem creating our menu within the allotted time....
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Menu Project Part 1 - American tradition Course Selection...

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