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production schedule - Shortcake Mix together berries and...

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8:45/1:45 9:00/2:00 9:15/2:15 9:30/2:30 9:45/2:45 10:00/3:00 10:15/3:15 10:30/3:30 10:45/3:45 11:00/4:00 11:15/4:14 11:30/4:30 8:30am or 1:30pm MEP CLEAN UP CLEAN UP CLEAN UP Sample Production Schedule Cornbread : Prepare and mix the wet and dry ingredients and place in oven. Coleslaw : Prepare cabbage and carrots. Coleslaw : Blend dressing and mix well with prepared cabbage and carrots. Refridgerate till use.
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Unformatted text preview: Shortcake: Mix together berries and sugar, refridgerate. Cornbread: Take out of oven. Shortcake: Prepare dough, and bake. Shortcake: Make Whipped Cream. Serve Appetizer Serve Entrée and Accompani ments Serve Desserts Name/Product: Equipment: Name/Product: Craig : Corn Bread Coleslaw Shortcake w/ Berries Equipment: R.S., R.W., D.H. F '09 OVEN OVEN MIXER...
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