Cop Accelerates

Cop Accelerates - Distance for Police (sec) (ft) (ft) d =...

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Important Variables Conversion Factors Speed of Robber: 85 1 mile = 5280 ft Acceleration of Robber: 0 1 hr = 3600 sec Initial speed of Police: 0 Acceleration of Police: 3 Distance Equation Converted Values ?? ?? t = time ?? ?? Time Police Catches Robb ?? Time Distance for Robber
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Unformatted text preview: Distance for Police (sec) (ft) (ft) d = (v *t) + (.5*a*t 2 ) V for Robber (ft/sec) v = initial velocity (ft/sec) V for Police (ft/sec) a for Robber (ft/sec 2 ) a = acceleration (ft/sec 2 ) a for Police (ft/sec 2 )...
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