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MAE 150A, Winter 2009 J. D. Eldredge Homework 3 (4 problems + 1 OPTIONAL), due Friday, January 30 1. Problem 11.18, Wilcox (Problem 11.17 in 2nd edition). 2. Problem 11.30, Wilcox (Problem 11.28 in 2nd edition) 3. Two vortices of strength - Γ and +Γ are located at (0 ,a ) and (0 , - a ), respectively, and are subject to a uniform flow U in the x direction, as shown below. This combination of simple flows produces a closed body shape called a ‘Kelvin oval’ under certain conditions of Γ, a and U . Find an expression for the length of the body in the x direction in terms of these parameters. What is the minimum value of Γ to produce a single closed body? What is the velocity at the ‘shoulder’ (the top) of the body? U 2a - Γ Kelvin oval 4. Another possible model of a tornado is a combination of a potential vortex and a sink, as shown below. Suppose that the sink has strength - Q and the vortex has circulation Γ. r
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