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MAE 150A, Winter 2007 J. D. Eldredge Homework 7 (5 problems + 1 OPTIONAL), due Friday, March 6 1. Use Thwaites’ equation to compute θ ( x ) for a zero-pressure gradient flow over a flat plate. Com- pare this result to the Blasius solution. 2. Consider the decelerating external velocity given by U ( x ) = U 0 (1 - x 2 /L 2 ). Use Thwaites’ method to predict the location x s /L at which separation will occur. The relationship you get will be messy (a large-degree polynomial). You can use graphical means to solve it, for example.
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Unformatted text preview: Keep in mind two things: your answer should lie between 0 and 1; and if there are two possible solutions, choose the lower value. 3. Problem 14.53, Wilcox (I’m not sure what problem this is in the 2nd edition) 4. Problem 14.61, Wilcox (I’m not sure what problem this is in the 2nd edition) 5. Problem 14.70, Wilcox (Problem 14.67, Wilcox, 2nd edition). 6. (OPTIONAL, worth 1 percent) Problem 14.47, Wilcox....
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