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Classics 30 Spring 2009 Final Exam Essay Topics One of these three topics will be the essay question on the final exam: 1) The Ambivalence of the Gods . It is easy for many of us in the 21st century to conceive of deity in terms of perfect justice, mercy, goodness or providence. But the myths and mythical narratives we have examined in this course could be argued to present the relationship between gods and mortals as problematic, displaying both positive and negative qualities. Discuss the ambivalence of the gods in Greek myth, giving specific examples from specific myths and texts. How is it possible to explain the conflicting attitudes and actions we observe? What reasons do the gods have or give for the way they treat mortals (whether well or badly) in specific instances? For that matter, why do the Greek gods concern or involve themselves with mortals at all? 2) Past and Present. One of Professor Morgan's mantras during the course has been the quote of the French scholar Nicole Loraux: “the present never ceases to break through the surface of
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