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Classics 30. Final Exam Format Bring blue books. You will probably need two. The format of the final exam will be as follows: 1. Two sets of slide identifications (20%). You will have to answer questions about the slides shown. The slides (covering material after the second midterm) will be taken from the list of visuals on this site. You are not required to know the name of the artist or the date of the work of art. No choice . 2. Three passage identification (24%). You will have to identify and answer specific questions on passages from ancient literature that will be reproduced on the exam. The passages will be taken from the class readings in the assigned texts or on the website. If the passage is from Pindar, Plato, Gorgias, Homer, the Ion or the
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Unformatted text preview: Hecuba you will have to say so and identify the author and work. The passages will be taken from material you have encountered in weeks 7-10. Please note that this includes Heracles material and the Pindaric odes. Choice: 3 passages out of 4 3. Sentence identifications from the terms and concepts list. You are responsible for all the terms and concepts you have encountered in this course after Week 4 (that is, after the first midterm), as listed on the website. (15%) Choice: 5 ids out of 10 4. Essay (41%): in which you will be asked to pull together themes and motifs. Three sample essay topics will be handed out in the last lecture of the quarter, on Friday June 5. One of these topics will be the essay on the exam. There will be no choice ....
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