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MAE150B: Aerodynamics Spring 2009, F. P. Tsai Homework No. 4 Due Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Put your name and UID on EACH page of your homework to make sure they will be properly credited. 1. For the symmetric airfoil described in Problem 4.5 on page 388 of Textbook, if the Reynolds number based on the chord length is 3.1x10 6 and the critical Reynolds number is 5x10 5 , calculate the net skin friction drag coefficient. Compare your result with that of
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Unformatted text preview: Example 4.9 in the textbook and use a short paragraph to explain your observations. 2. Problem 4.6 on page 388 of Textbook 3. Problem 4.7 on page 388 of Textbook. 4. Problem 4.10 on page 389 of Textbook 5. Problem 4.11 on page 389 of Textbook 6. Problem 4.12 on page 389 of Textbook...
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