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proj_2_09_final - ECE 433/533 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Fault...

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ECE 433/533 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Fault Studies Project Due: 6/04/09 Consider the five-bus power system whose no-load single-line diagram is shown below, along with the machine, line, and transformer data. For a prefault voltage of 1.08 pu, determine the subtransient fault currents for a bolted (Z F = 0) single line-to-ground fault at bus 1, then bus 2, 3, 4 and 5. Use both MATLAB and the Power World Simulator to perform the fault analysis. Your final write-up should include a brief description of the project (as in project 1) and: 1. The positive, negative and zero sequence networks of the system. 2. Hand calculated bus admittance matrix, and Matlab impedance matrix, for each sequence network. 3. Results printed from your MATLAB program as shown below under “Output”. 4. Comparison of MATLAB and Power World Simulator in pu and Amps. 5. Your commented MATLAB source code and schematic from the Power World Simulator. 1 2 T 1 T 2 1 4 3 2 5 800 MVA 15 kV 400 MVA 15 kV 800 MVA 345/15 kV 400 MVA 15/345 kV Note:
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