Study Guide for test 3

Study guide for test 3

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Unformatted text preview: Pipe Work major cost items: 1. Design engineering (20%) 2. Material All materials ex: piping, fittings, valves (25%) 3. Labor (55%) Piping functions it is to provide transportation of liquids and gasses continuously, safely and in large quantities Piping is considered to be the primary component of a process plant. Pipe work Piping system that includes all integral components. Ex. Pipe, fittings, valves, flanges, supports, etc. Non Metallic 1. Glass small bit used still, primary used in the food processing and beer 2. PVC Limited pressure and temperature ratings. If you use it within the ratings it performs great. a. Thermal plastic joints are fused by heat b. Thermal setting chemical bond that is used at joints 3. Rubber limited to hoses 4. Clayware underground ex: sewer lines, oily water systems 5. Cement storm water drainage 6. Ceramic Metallic 1. NonFerrous a. Aluminum light weight, easy to use and install b. Leadnot widely used, heavy, expensive c. Copper widely used, water, valves, going to a piece of equipment d. Brass brass fittings for c...
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