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PHYS test 2 - u 1"”""'7‘“"‘ You...

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Unformatted text preview: u 1 "”" " '7‘“ "‘ You push a 10-kg box at a constant speed across a rough table with a 25 N force that is directed at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic fiiction between the box and the table 18 0.196. 5. What is the magnitude of the fi'iction force which acts on the box? F A. 12.5N B. 16.8N C. 19.2N D. 21.7N E. 25.0N 6. How much work do you do If you push the box a distance of 1 2 meters across the table? A. OJ B. 26} C. 301 D. 59J E. 85] 7. Three particles are located far away from any other objects and in a straight line. The mass of each particle is mA=200 kg, m5=300 kg, and mc=150 kg. The distance between particles A and B is 0.5 m and the distance between particles B and C is 0.25 m. Ifthe positive direction points to the right, what is the magnitude of the net gravitational force on particle B? A. ON 5:3 9209 \50 A , B. 1.6x10'5N f3 - C. 3.2.x10'55N 4F D. 4.3 x10‘ N ~r— v- . WW £1.00 , 6.259 E. 6.4 _x10'5N =3 m m ‘ F .624 r2?” 2‘» «3* TLNO‘ w: ...
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