2008.final.exam - CS202 DISCRETE MATHEMATICS FINAL...

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* This is a closed book, closed notes examination. * Write your answers on the examination paper in ink or legible pencil. * If your answer cannot be read or understood , or if your answer is vague or confused, it will be marked wrong. * The numbers in parentheses after each question is the number of points allocated to that question. NAME ( Print Legibly. All Capitals ): PLEDGE ( Write Out In Full And Sign ): Check that this copy of the examination has pages numbered 1 through 8. R EAD T HE Q UESTION B EFORE Y OU A NSWER I T CS202 - D ISCRETE M ATHEMATICS F INAL E XAMINATION F ALL 2008 Time Limit - Three Hours
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Page 1 Department of Computer Science CS 202 University of Virginia Page score 1. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false : (Scoring: correct 1, incorrect - 0.5 , no answer 0) (a) The most common language used for software specification is natural language ___ (b) Formal languages have formal semantics ___ (c) Declarative languages document how not what ___ (d) Procedural languages document what not how ___ (e) Z is a procedural language ___ (f) Most defects in software come from mistakes in implementation ___ (g) The equals sign “=” in Z means assignment ___ (h) A relation between sets A and B is a subset of the A × B ___ (i) The statement “This month is December.” is a proposition ___ (j) The expression a > b c > d e > f is a proposition ___ (k) The statement “Why is my score on the final < 90?” is a predicate ___ (l) For a partial function, the domain is a subset of the range ___ (m)If a function is surjective, then the range equals the target set ___ (n) If a relation is reflexive, then each element is related to itself ___ (o) The halting problem states that we cannot prove that any specific program halts ___ (p) Proof by contradiction relies an assumption that is the opposite of the theorem ___ (q) Logical implication is the same as logical equivalence ___
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2008.final.exam - CS202 DISCRETE MATHEMATICS FINAL...

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