2008.semester.1 - CS202 - DISCRETE MATHEMATICS SEMESTER...

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* This is a closed book, closed notes examination. * Write your answers on the examination paper in ink or legible pencil. * If your answer cannot be read or understood , or if your answer is vague or confused, it will be marked wrong. * The numbers in parentheses after each question is the number of points allocated to that question. NAME ( Print Legibly. All Capitals ): PLEDGE ( Write Out In Full And Sign ): READ THE QUESTION BEFORE YOU START TO ANSWER IT. CS202 - D ISCRETE M ATHEMATICS S EMESTER E XAMINATION 1 F ALL 2008 Time Limit - Seventy Five Minutes
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Department of Computer Science CS 202 University of Virginia Page score 1. For the sets A = {red, green, white, black, blue}, B = {{}, {red}, white, black, {green}}, and C = {yellow, {green}, white, black, blue} evaluate the following set expressions: (10) (a) A ¼ B ¼ C (b) A » B » C (c) A » B ¼ C 2. Using set comprehension (the set builder notation), define a set that consists of the cubes of the integers from 1 to 100 except for the numbers 56 and 89. (10) 3. Show that the set identity: A    A   c is true using the method of membership tables. The superscript “c” indicates the complement. (10)
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2008.semester.1 - CS202 - DISCRETE MATHEMATICS SEMESTER...

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