2009 homework set 1

2009 homework set 1 - 1PHIL 242 Homework Set 1 Due at 9...

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1PHIL 242 Homework Set 1 Due at 9 a.m. Monday September 7 Do the following exercises from the textbook: (A) 1.4 (p.26) [2 points] (B) 1.9 parts 1,2,3,4 only (p.30) [2 points] (To do this, click on the `Pets’ tab before entering your sentences. Ignore the book’s claim that you will have to type in the names etc.) (C) 1.13, parts 1,2,5,8 only. [3 points] (D) 3.3 (p.70) [3 points] Part (C) should be done on paper and handed in at the end of class on September 7th. Parts (A), (B), and (D) should be submitted to your TA through the Grade Grinder. If you are uncertain as to whether you have fully mastered the Submit module, for this week only you can hand in a printout of your answers to (A), (B), and (D). ___________________________ Here are a few words of advice about doing homework. I do not mind you discussing general issues surrounding each week’s problem sets; in fact I encourage it. That is, if you do not understand how to use a particular procedure or how to find a counterexample to a claim, you can ask a classmate for help as an alternative to asking me or your T.A. What is strictly forbidden and falls under the category of an Honor offence is to copy from another student and submit under your name any part of a homework assignment or an examination. There is an intermediate area of cooperation that I should address. If you work out how to approach the problems cooperatively (rather than one person doing all the work) and then separately and independently work out and submit the solutions, that is acceptable and can help on certain occasions. But you should be aware that doing this too frequently could hurt you on the exams. It is better to try to figure out solutions by yourself and to ask others for help only if you feel, after having tried, that you are unable
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2009 homework set 1 - 1PHIL 242 Homework Set 1 Due at 9...

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