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1PHIL 2420 Homework Set 6 Due by 9 a.m. Monday October 12. 1. Do problems 8.19, 8.20, 8.24, 8.27. [2 points each]. _______________________________________ Notes: 1. More strategic hints for proofs (to be used in conjunction with the earlier handouts on strategic hints). If you need to derive a sentence of the form A 6 B, begin a sub-proof with A as the assumption, derive B from that assumption (and whatever other lines are available), then use 6 Intro rule to get A 6 B as the first line after the end of the sub-proof. To derive a sentence of the form A : B use the strategy of : Intro on p.209. 2. You may well find it helpful to write out your Fitch proof on paper before typing it into the software but that’s of course up to you. 3. Keep in mind that you have all of the previous rules of inference and proof techniques available in addition to those specific to the conditional and biconditional. The strategic hints for those earlier techniques may be helpful in addition to the hints in #1 above. 4. For this week’s homework only, you may do the homework in groups
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