week 1 short assignment

week 1 short assignment - is). Your examples should be...

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1 1. There will be discussion section meetings this week. 2. The first homework set will be handed out Monday August 31. For section this week, bring oral answers to the following problems: a). Construct two clear examples of sentences expressing logically necessary conditions (i.e. find a sentence A which is logically necessary for a second sentence B to be true, specifying also what B is) and two clear examples of sentences expressing logically sufficient conditions (i.e. find a sentence C which is logically sufficient for a second sentence D, specifying also what D
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Unformatted text preview: is). Your examples should be non-trivial (i.e. A should be different from B and C should be different from D). b). Construct a clear example of two sentences X and Y such that X expresses nomologically sufficient conditions for Y. 3. In preparation for Monday, read pp. 19-24 and pp. 28-29 in the textbook. If you like reading ahead, be aware that we shall be skipping over sections 1.6 and 1.7 in Wednesdays lecture and dealing with them later in the course....
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