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CPE 357 - Systems Programming Fall 2009, Day 6 Number Representation Last Modified: Fri Oct 2 10:58:59 PDT 2009 Serious C Exam: True/False is all about exceptions, edge cases, etc. Understand parameter passing Remember your survey questions Know about strings See parts.c Know about macros See badmac.c Basics of file use open vs. fopen use of printf Binary Bits Octal Hex Negative numbers 1's comp 2's comp sign-and-magnitude Arithmetic compare signed and unsigned add 250 = FF - 5 = FA 7 7 --- -- 1 1 -6 7 -- 1 Bitwise ~ ^ | >> (signed vs. unsigned)
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Unformatted text preview: << Demonstration shift&mask to extract group permissions from a mode set group permission to something -- say 6 or 1 (they're likely to suggest 'or' without thinking. point out that plain add will do as well Endianness Storage model If there's time EOF problem count bits show that and ==> carries show the overflow conditions relate to carries into and/or out of high bit Lab: strtoi() function (reimplement strtol). vim: set sts=4 sw=4 ai et :...
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2009 for the course CPE 357 taught by Professor O'gorman during the Spring '09 term at Cal Poly.

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06-numbers - << Demonstration...

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