lab5 - Exercise 1 <20 points> CMSC 152001 Intro to...

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Intro to Computer Science 2 Summer 2009 Lab #5 (8/26/2009) Exercise 1 <<20 points>> You are provided with an XML file with information about products in the store. This is a sample file: <?xml version="1.0"?> <shop name="Uncle SNAFU's Computer Store"> <item id="1" stock="7" discounted="y"> <name>FOOBAR keyboard</name> <price>39.99</price> </item> <item id="2" stock="15" discounted="y"> <name>Grouchobyte hard drive</name> <price>149.99</price> </item> <item id="3" stock="81"> <name>Wumpus repellant</name> <price>49.99</price> </item> </shop> For each product, the following information is stored: . Product ID : Each product is assigned a unique id. Items in stock : The number of products immediately available in the store. Name : The product's name. Price : The product's price. Discounted product : Indicates whether this product is currently offered at a discounted price ('15% discount). Write a Python program that reads an inventory file and determines the total value of all the items in stock. In other words, for each product, multiply its price by the stock (applying a discount if necessary), and sum all the values. The program's output should be the total value. The output for the above sample file should be:
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2009 for the course CMSC 15200 taught by Professor Paolocodenotti during the Summer '09 term at UChicago.

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lab5 - Exercise 1 &lt;20 points&gt; CMSC 152001 Intro to...

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