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CMSC-16100 Lecture 1 Administrivia Instructor: Stuart A. Kurtz Office: Ryerson 166 EMail: stuart@cs.uchicago.edu Note: I tend to teach in a "John Madden" style (a reference that I'm going to have to update, now that he's no longer a commentator. ..) In theory, I respond well to questions. I believe this is true in practice, too. Web site: http://brick.cs.uchicago.edu/~stuart/Courses/CMSC-16100/2009/ Lab TA: Josh Grochow Classroom: We may swap for Friday. Check the web page. .. Course Overview This is an introductory honors course in computer science, not just computer programming. We will learn a programming language -- Haskell -- but also a bit about induction over algebraic structures, set theory, logic, and datastructures. This quarter has a bit of a "high-brow" feel to it. Next quarter is your opportunity to get down and dirty with traditional languages, and larger, more self-directed projects. Let me note a few things. One of reasons that I chose Haskell is because it is an unusual language in certain respects -- it is a pure functional language, with a flexible and powerful type system, and so is likely to be unfamiliar in many respects to all of you. I can't eliminate the advantage that some of you have because you've had substantial prior experience in programming, but I can minimize it. A disadvantage is that Haskell is a new language for me, too. And along this theme -- I am attempting to recreate this course anew. There is no text for the course (as opposed to reference texts for the language) apart from these notes, which I'm writing up as we go. I'm looking to you guys for insight as to how well things are going, what works, what doesn't, etc. Grading Grading will be based on homework: 1/3 lab: 1/6 midterm: 1/6 final: 1/3 As regards homework, I'd like to acquaint you with my thoughts and policies. 1) The principal role of homework is to ensure that the work that you do outside of class covers material that I believe is important. One implication of this is that I do expect you to work outside of class. The comments you get on your work are much more important than the grade -- let me know if you're not getting what you need. 2) I view the assessment aspect of homework as secondary, and mostly to avoid putting too much weight (or pressure) on the in-class exams. That said, homework as assessment is particularly subject to manipulation, which these days includes simply getting your answers from the internet. I expect that most of
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2009 for the course CMSC 16200 taught by Professor Kurtz during the Fall '09 term at UChicago.

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lecture-01 - CMSC-16100 Lecture 1 Administrivia Instructor:...

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