Externality_and_Tax_or_Sub1_2_ - om{OQHMA SuIOQCQ...

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Unformatted text preview: om {OQHMA SuIOQCQ POSH‘I'VQ E¥+€ flab s JEFUC 18 3.2 - k bQLa€{J1+ (36 Hay, Lekfmd IQ CWQKLV‘WF'; . T1“? Shanna rewlagrfl' K QSE e 1‘? Hner‘fl I i. no $0v€mm+ erPruem‘hm ) we m Mm. opefcdreg Cd“ QC which 18 mi" ‘Hw Sec‘mlld e-F'Rciem+ Doesn‘f mm {Ear €X+emal1+0 J PS : C‘fK U GXAW-rmfi Smrfflufi? : b *‘E ‘ Bud“ mfi’e 'H’VLT ‘I‘F WP COMM Sufiom QiUIllbrlu'm a} QSE anal puma; p.) +D+OJI SRPFLU‘SH COLLch be: fi+E+C+K+D+E+6+Hfl go 03' our CurhemJ'x' QCJ We're WEB-Ni) 01-1-7“ on G &H ‘ 13 WP ‘H‘m ha: WAN-Mum S'moz ow CN‘FW‘L SW69“; Gfi-H’ Wis '53 fine HW- Ew‘flomu? doggy”— wow 5* 4m 6x171 loenmCIJr Jun sme‘wga‘. 94+prmjnfiwfimss>mso . m (SWQWWEHJV Q.an WWS‘Z Ck Subsidy)» a? W. amowfi' VHF» +0 +orce “Hm Marta” +t> 4Mc’rm‘ ed Socififitu'a 09165—9 QwfihH Qaa. Than 5006me Suapmb WW Lao: + PS=E+CH<+E+F + CS: A+B+C+F+1 +"eyd-emafl Sur‘ius“ --_ D + E. + G+H+ 3' ~ sovernw wow Paw: = m: a; +F+H+I+U hh‘o SMFL“! = A+ 15+ Cr {JIM-£4: 6.1+} man is. Hue surloUfiivaj' 'fi“ Salem-m3 OPT-{mag (LAMEMJ so wlwfin -on SWW‘Q We WW OHQI‘M‘J an M? Gal/millibnwmh Niaoiin E¥+€Mm\‘n+i 51. an Ophmd Tom ‘ Jfinere [IS Some COSJF" G“: W films? beqmd ‘Hflod‘ winch "Hm guinea; {okay ‘Me 600ch amm- iumlrwffi is QSE ’whmre m58:mSC ' if” ‘Hnewe ‘Is no “Governmeer 'zfihrWWFW J+k2 “NM-i" Df’w‘aCB ad" QC mm us mo‘? socxnflfl (2991M (who WWW :mSEB J mc‘éoclapk ,l’mcwflh +00: mCFflV’RJFQ O N fiavefnfhenlr Ufln 2 CS: A+B+C+H gnfihi Surpme“: Aflfl +1) +£1.3- Ps:b+e+1:+ Hg “emu” 5w us“: - G—E-—C—H-I{Y (paws:- HM?) '13" +11; qoutrnmevr-L Ewes 9; 4mm “m 11‘; Qmuqh‘i. 0&1 ?I*Ph ‘ P42: umf‘ (DEE; SCCMLNLO €WCK-Qhf i be. Pmtidted_ / TW"+ PS: me + C8: A +fiWQ—{y‘mEMT r-cu-GMUJ- = Ei‘c bib—TE f +‘mmai Mm) reaE—C I Surfimg“:A+EJ+bfi-F J NLflloM IS (“Mail'— “H'Iom ‘PN; +D‘LK9 Surpmg When on“ wukfit {fircea mine: a)?" uprl; ha mei‘ I)" / was m Sumo; HRS "fine Mow b Which "(b 83G exceeplgd beflp‘Pi-f-g a WWW, WW 6k mm (5" M90; (fiho‘h W cm. exfermaqif‘a}fi— .18 Somd'aws 'laa-valbbl. ‘Fér ox cameraman?“ erven‘f’tm Hue cx Subsidux or m +0“ +0 WVQ. ‘HW “OWN-a 4‘5?“ 0m ‘WWEW Wham (where mac Mes) +0 M Mow m Mm . J & UQ‘HW’) PM chL 4M MWI’JW’ \ass) ...
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Externality_and_Tax_or_Sub1_2_ - om{OQHMA SuIOQCQ...

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