EE466P20 - Capacit y Access T ime Cost Regist er s L1 Cache...

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Monday August 24, 2009 Based in part th Edit T ape inf init e sec- min ~$ 1 / GByt e CPU Regist er s 100s Byt es 300 – 500 ps (0. 3- 0. 5 ns) L1 and L2 Cache 10s- 100s K Byt es ~1 ns - ~10 ns $ 1000s/ GByt e Main M emory G Byt es 80ns- 200ns ~ $ 100/ GByt e Disk 10s T Byt es, 10 ms (10, 000, 000 ns) ~ $ 1 / GByt e
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Unformatted text preview: Capacit y Access T ime Cost Regist er s L1 Cache Memor y Disk T ape I nst r . Oper ands Blocks Pages Files St aging Xf er Unit pr og. / compiler 1- 8 byt es cache cnt l 32- 64 byt es OS 4K- 8K byt es user / oper at or Mbyt es Upper Level Lower Level f ast er Lar ger L2 Cache cache cnt l 64- 128 byt es Blocks...
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