SLL - import java.util.Scanner; /* * @author Vujita * */...

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import java.util.Scanner; i /** * @author Vujita * */ public class SLL { public static DNode head; public static DNode token; public static long size; public static void Print(DNode a){ for(int c =0; c<size;c++){ System.out.print(a.getElement() + " "); a = a.getNext(); } System.out.println(); } public static DNode insert(int num,DNode j){ token = j; DNode prev = j; size++; boolean done = false; if(j == null){// if j is equal to null this is first val so send back the constructor that instantiated first DNode j = (new DNode(num,null)); return j; } while(!done){ if(token == null){ token = new DNode(num,null); prev.setNextNod(token); } else if(num > token.getElement()){ prev = token;//previous slot kept, to point to next spot for next insertion token = token.getNext();// increment next spot for check for insertio } else{ token = new DNode(num,token.getNext()); prev.setNextNod(token); done = true; } } return j; } public static DNode remove(int n1,DNode k){ p token = k; boolean exit = false;
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SLL - import java.util.Scanner; /* * @author Vujita * */...

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